Catering San Diego since 1990

Geno's Catering offers a memorable alternative when compared to other barbecued foods primarily because Geno's sauces adapts and enhances foods natural flavors. Doesn't mask, cover up or overpower you and has no aftertatse.

PLUS: No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Caramel Color, Preservatives, MSG or Artificial Colors or flavors like smoke flavoring. 

Geno's "It Doesn't Compete...

...With the Meat"

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2016 First Place Winner

2016 Fiery Food Challenge Winner

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Seau's The Restaurant used Geno's sauces exclusively 

Geno's: It doesn't compete with the foods you eat.

Kitchen Foodies & BBQ Pit Masters have been using Geno's as their "GO TO" sauce since 1994.

Geno's "It doesn't compete with the foods you eat".

Find Geno's in San Diego and San Clemente  

Find Geno's in San Diego at Albertson's, Keils, Windmill Farms, and more And more »Act insurance

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